Q: Does it hurt?

Most clients cite little to no discomfort. We use a double numbing process so that our clients can remain as comfortable as possible during their procedure. Although this is a tattoo, we still want you to enjoy and relax during the process.

Q: How Long Does it Last?

Permanent makeup can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, and the facial products that you use. However, touch-ups are commonly needed about once a year, especially for those who wish to keep the color looking fresh.

Q: Which is more natural, Microblading or Powder Brow?

Most people assume that microblading is a more natural look.  Actually, it depends on each individual as to which technique will look most natural.  Many people prefer the combination of the two techniques which is called a combo brow.  Microblading is added to shading so the look of hair is seen in the brows and the look of powder is also added, which gives more dimension, making the hair-strokes look more dense.

Q: What is covered in a consultation?

Every Permanent Makeup appointment begins with an in-depth consultation discussing your daily routine with your brows.  Do you fill your brows in daily? Do you use a pencil, powder or pomade? How often do you wax or tweeze? Do you have eyebrow hair that may continue to grow in to add to your shape?  What exactly do you want to accomplish from the procedure, a more defined shape, a little more color to your face, better symmetry, fuller brows or to never have to wear brow makeup again?

Your face is measured, marked and eyebrows are drawn on with a colored wax pencil outlining the shape that is best suited to your bone structure and facial features.  You will be asked to preview them to suggest any adjustments you would like to see.  Adjustments are made until you are happy with the shape.

Q:  How is brow shape & color decided on?

Your brow artist will take several measurements of certain parts of your face. Taking into account your overall bone structure, size of facial features and growth of eyebrow hair, a shape is drawn onto your face for you to preview. 
We recommend matching the color of your eyebrow hair, or within a shade or two lighter or darker.  The color is mostly left to client preference, though the professional opinion of your brow artist will be given.

Q:  How do I know which technique to schedule?

Schedule a NEW BROW appointment. This includes the consultation where we will decide together which technique will be best for you. 

Q: Is a 6-week

touch-up necessary?

Yes. Permanent makeup is a two-step process. The initial appointment is for designing a proper foundation and to see how well your skin retains pigment and how your skin tone will heal the color choice.  The 6-week touch-up is considered the perfecting session.